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High School Youth Group

It is our plan that when youth graduate from high school they have been equipped to verbalize their faith and live out their faith in service to God and others. The programs that we provide throughout the year are deliberately planned to help do this work in four main areas!

Grow! Fellowship! Share! Serve!

Grow! We want to help the high schoolers grow in their knowledge about God so they know who He is and what He has done for us. Activities that fit in this area include Retreats, Sunday morning Bible Class, Bible Story in real life and more.

Fellowship! It is important to provide a fun Christian environment where the high schoolers can have fun and hang out with their peers. Many of the things we do fit this criteria along with others, but specifically we plan lock-ins, bowling, eating at a restaurant (Perkins, Applebee’s, etc.)

Share! We want the high schoolers to learn how to share their faith with other people. While they grow in their knowledge about God, we want them to be able to share what they learn with others. The adult faith story, the question and answer time and retreat events provide these sharing opportunities.

Serve! Serving others in the name of Jesus Christ is critical. Faith without works is dead. We want to reach out and serve people locally as well as our neighbors who don’t live close to us. Servant Event – (Bake and drop off cookies to neighbors, assembling & delivering winter survival kits, dollar drop at Wal-Mart, shopping & helping with Ruby’s Pantry, participating with local nursing home residents, tie blankets for hospital patients and shut-ins, assembling Easter baskets and Christmas Care packages for neighbors etc.) and Worship Volunteer experiences all help provide high schoolers with the opportunities to serve others.

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